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    • 金ETFの誕生から10年、進化が続く市場 December 12, 2014 - Published 12th December 2014 Categories: Investment Download (pdf, 1.25 MB) 金ETF導入後10年間の歴史と発展を振り返り、金ETFは投資家に価値をもたらしたのか、金市場全体の拡大に貢献できたのかを検証した。金ETFが金価格のボラティリティに及ぼす影響についても分析した。 投資信託の一種である新しい投資商品が金投資の世界を変える――。10年前、それを予測できただろうか。まして、この新商品による金保有量が、世界の中央銀行が保有する金の量を凌ぐ日が来るなどとは、思いもよらなかったに違いない。しかし、金ETFは、金投資の世界を変えさらに進化を続けている。
    • Why India Needs a Gold Policy December 9, 2014 - Published 9th December 2014 Categories: Gold mining and sustainable development, Supply and demand, Jewellery, Investment, Technology, Reserve asset management Related documents 1 Download (pdf, 3.69 MB) 1 Available in . This report highlights key policy recommendations to monetise India’s 22,000 tonnes of gold stocks kept by Indian households. Seven key recommendations are made for an […] Read more
    • Pope Describes Europe as ‘Elderly and Haggard’ December 3, 2014 - Ty’s note, a wellspring of describing the problems in a continent undergoing debt spirals and collapse of socialism and central planning. Unfortunately the pope promotes the ideas that have created the crisis rather then histories PROVEN SOLUTION; REAL CAPITALISM and SOUND MONEY. He is an economic idiot. These sorts of contradictions tell us that the […] Read more
    • Global Business Confidence Collapses To Post-Lehman Lows December 3, 2014 - Ty’s note, as confidence tumbles to crisis lows around the world and in the US in particular bomb er bond holders look to take a haircut as repayments get cloudy intermediate term. This is not a picture of a recovery, it is a picture of a relapse into recession and depression.   Submitted by Tyler […] Read more
    • The heat rises in France’s banlieues December 3, 2014 - Ty’s note, take a look at the present and future for the developed world. Socialist utopia…LOL. Central planning and crony capitalism run amok as the public sinks into moral and fiscal insolvency caused by unsound money and the failure of elites to create policies which encourage growth and real wealth creation. Unwinding this is impossible […] Read more
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    • guardian-logo-rss.c45beb1bafa34b347ac333af2e6fe23f11 More heat at Iran’s bakeries as prices shoot up - Following the wildly popular transformation of Gorky Park from rusting funfair to Wi-Fi heaven, Muscovites finally felt as if their city was becoming liveable. But with more gentrifying projects on the cards, is it just a way to silence dissent?
    • guardian-logo-rss.c45beb1bafa34b347ac333af2e6fe23f12 MH17 investigation: Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko promises quick resolution - Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, has told an Australian audience those who were responsible for the downing on flight MH17 should be named. Photograph: Edgar Su/Reuters The Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, has spoken of the solidarity between his country and Australia and has vowed to expose those responsible for the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 tragedy. Poroshenko […] Read more
    • guardian-logo-rss.c45beb1bafa34b347ac333af2e6fe23f13 Luxembourg judge brings theft and trade secrecy charges - PricewaterhouseCoopers’ HQ in Luxembourg. Photograph: Nicolas Bouvy/EPA An investigating judge in Luxembourg has charged an unnamed individual with theft and other criminal offences after a complaint was brought by PricewaterhouseCoopers in the wake of a leak of hundreds of confidential tax deals exposing avoidance by multinational corporations. Last month journalistic investigations into PwC tax deals […] Read more
    • Mexico’s finance minister plunges government deeper into crisis - Students hold a poster reading ‘Peña out!’ during a protest march at Tecoanapa, in Guerrero State, Mexico. Photograph: Pedro Pardo/AFP/Getty Images Mexico’s government is facing fresh allegations of wrongdoing after it was revealed that the country’s finance minister bought a holiday home from a company which has won numerous lucrative pubic works contracts. The revelations […] Read more
    • guardian-logo-rss.c45beb1bafa34b347ac333af2e6fe23f5 Shrien Dewani cleared of honeymoon murder - South Africa judge dismisses case against British businessman after condemning evidence of chief prosecution witness Continue reading…
    • guardian-logo-rss.c45beb1bafa34b347ac333af2e6fe23f6 Judge rules Jehovah’s Witness boy can receive blood transfusion - High court ruling says decision made in youngster’s best interests despite religious objections from parents Continue reading…
    • guardian-logo-rss.c45beb1bafa34b347ac333af2e6fe23f7 Eyewitness: Manila, Philippines - Photographs from the Guardian Eyewitness series Continue reading…
    • guardian-logo-rss.c45beb1bafa34b347ac333af2e6fe23f8 Typhoon Hagupit death toll rises as Filipinos return home – video - At least 21 have been reported killed by typhoon Hagupit in Eastern Samar in the Philippines, many by rising flood waters. Aerial footage shows the extent of the damage and flooding. Whereas the national government was criticised for its slow relief and debris-clearance efforts after last year’s hurricane Haiyan, this year troops immediately started to […] Read more
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