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    • How to Change Your Life in 30 Days: Think Positive, Do Positive, Be Positive! - How to Change Your Life in 30 Days: Think Positive, Do Positive, Be Positive! If things are not going your way in life, perhaps you may have a lot more to do with the constant stream of negativity in your life than you think. Here are … From: smartknowledgeu Views: 1671 60 ratings Time: 14:36 […] Read more
    • House Authorizes Boehner to Sue Obama for Taking Actions Boehner Plans to Fund - By:  Terence P. Jeffrey Boehner: No ‘Appetite’ to Defund Unconstitutional Acts by Obama   read more
    • - Michael Ramirez Cartoon, Jul 31, 2014 – 121265
    • Do women like “bad boys” over nice men? - Newsweek comes out with a study saying men like nice women, but women don’t necessarily like nice men. At least while they’re younger. The post Do women like “bad boys” over nice men? appeared first on The Dennis Prager Show.
    • Do women like “bad boys” over nice men? - Newsweek comes out with a study saying men like nice women, but women don’t necessarily like nice men. At least while they’re younger. The post Do women like “bad boys” over nice men? appeared first on The Dennis Prager Show.
    • Why You’re Probably on an NSA Watchlist - I was talking with one of my colleagues the other day, and he raised a very interesting question, one that deserves consideration by anyone worried about their digital privacy. He read an article that championed the idea that the more steps one took to protect their privacy by using anonymous Web-browsing tools like Tor, the […] Read more
    • Policy Makers Should Make the Tax System Better rather than Banning Corporate Inversions - One of the worst things about working in Washington is that it’s so easy to get frustrated about the fact-free nature of political debates. For instance, there’s now a big controversy about companies “re-domiciling” or “inverting” from the United States to lower-tax nations such as Ireland and Switzerland. This should not be controversial. Unless, of course, you […] Read more
    • Bad Day for Bad Teachers, Good Day for Kids - This is a guest post courtesy of Richard Berman at the Capital Research Center, under the title A Bad Day for Bad Teachers. Summary: In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court issued the landmark decision Brown v. Board of Education, which struck down racially segregated schools because, the court said, they were inherently unequal and they […] Read more

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    • America’s Built-In Greek Fiscal Future July 31, 2014 - Of course, we’ll never reach that level. We will suffer a fiscal crisis before that point. But when it happens to us, the IMF won’t be there to bail us out for the simple reason that the IMF’s credibility is based on the backing of American taxpayers.
    • Saudi Man Receives 3 Year Prison Sentence and 450 Lashes for Being Gay July 31, 2014 - Saudi Arabia and its Medieval, inhumane monarchy has been a highlighted topic on Liberty Blitzkrieg for well over a year now. My government’s close alliance with this autocratic, homophobic and primitive fiefdom exposes the sham that is U.S. foreign policy more clearly than anything else. In exposing this authoritarian regime for what it really is, I hope that […] Read more
    • “The Zionist Dream Is Based On Slaughter Of Innocents.” July 31, 2014 - “The Zionist Dream Is Based On Slaughter Of Innocents.” Henry Siegman, Former Head of the American Jewish Congress A former leader of American Jewish Congress has strongly condemned Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip, saying “the Zionist dream is based on slaughter of innocents.” Henry Siegman, former executive director of the American Jewish Congress and […] Read more
    • Brother, Can You Spare a Job? July 31, 2014 - Ty’s note, a story of a Potemkin recovery by a Goldman Sachs alum.  The true state  of the recovery in the something for nothing paradise on the left coast. Read it and weep..   I spent a week as a homeless person, looking for work.The ‘California Comeback’ has a long way to go. By Neel […] Read more
    • The 2.1% Expansion July 31, 2014 - Ty’s note, another story of a Potemkin recovery. Nothing can reverser Dodd Frank, the ACA, biggest tax increases in history, and the regulatory assaults from DC and Brussels for that matter. Chance of repeal and reform. ZERO. Stagnation and decline as far as the eye can see.   Not a single year in this recovery […] Read more
  • Mainstream Media


    • A Closer Look With Arthur Levitt: Richard Ketchum (Audio) - July 31 (Bloomberg) — Arthur Levitt, former chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, interviews Richard Ketchum, chairman and chief executive officer of the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency, on Bloomberg Radio’s “A Closer Look With Arthur Levitt.”
    • Shilling: Big Banks Shift to Lower Gear - Big Banks Shift to Lower Gear John Mauldin July 30, 2014     For today’s Outside the Box, good friend Gary Shilling has sent along a very interesting analysis of the big banks. Gary knows a lot about what went down with the big banks during and after the Great Recession, and he tells the […] Read more
    • ‘Legalization by Edict’ - Yuval Levin, writing for National Review Online:
    • Four Recent Posts about the Dollar and its Rivals - Does the crisis, the rise of China or the BRICS, represent a challenge to US in general and the role of the dollar in particular?  I have posted four essays recently that were explored a vexing issue.    I think a dispassionate look at the evidence suggests much of the claims have been exaggerated, and […] Read more
    • The Dollar and Yuan: No Contest…yet - James Kynge writing in the Financial Times in early June (June 6, “US warming to the redback from China trade“) that “China’s renminbi is rapidly displacing the dollar as a trading currency not only in Asia and Europe but now also in the US home market.” Many observes seem to agree.  Yet the data he […] Read more
    • Great Graphic: Spot the Secular Stagnation - This Great Graphic was tweeted by the Financial Acrobat.   The charts show US and euro area GDP in log charts that also plot the pre-crisis trend. It is clear that the crisis has thrown the US off its prior path, but it now appears to be on a parallel path, that is lower.   Growth in […] Read more
    • Overcoming the Worst Moment With Words - Click here to watch the TEDTalk that inspired this post. Co-written by Tim Small, Coordinator, PEN Prison Writing Program. The first exercise in writing is to write. Like Shakar’s letters to his family and those he helped his co-inmates write, that first letter can spark the transformative power of expression, to think through and share […] Read more
    • ‘Devolution Number Nine’ - In case you missed this in today’s links, it’s worth noting explicitly: Devolution Number Nine, by MaxSpeak: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Crazy) has a new plan to fight poverty…, the common theme throughout the report is to convert Federal programs into block grants. A block grant is a fixed pot of money provided to a state […] Read more
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