Richard Cantillon & Fiat Money Hugo Salinas Price*: “Richard Cantillon is worth remembering. An Irishman, Cantillon was born in 1680 and died in 1734. He went into banking in Paris and witnessed the rise and fall of John Law’s huge speculative business in all its glory, which ruined France .. Cantillon was a man of extraordinary intelligence .. he clearly understood its terrible and inevitable consequences .. Cantillon’s relatives came to see him, beseeching him to get some shares for them in John Law’s Enterpr ... view article.

Deleveraging? What Deleveraging?  The 16th Geneva Report  on the World Economy The 16th annual Geneva Report, commissioned by the International Centre for Monetary and Banking Studies, is written by a panel of senior economists including 3 former senior central bankers .. The report predicts interest rates across the world will have to stay low for a “very, very long” time to enable households, companies & governments to service their debts and avoid another crash .. report summary: “The world has not yet ... view article.

Interview with Jim Rickards* in Istanbul Turkey Japan’s Abenomics will fail .. BIS, IMF, G20 warning that the system is going to collapse .. in the next financial crisis, stock markets & banks may close  .. on the Bank for International Settlements (BIS): “The BIS is very important for two reasons. Number one: They are the primary intermedia for manipulating the gold market. That is not a mystery… BIS is manipulating the gold market. They are the intermedia between the central banks and commercial banks and other ... view article.

Schoolgirls Aged 14-16 Leave France, UK, Germany for Syria to Join ISIS Jihad

As many as 63 seriously misguided teenaged girls from France, 40 from Germany, and 50 in the UK have left their countries to join ISIS in Syria. The Guardian has a fascinating report on Schoolgirl jihadis: the female Islamists leaving home to join Isis fighters. Hundreds of young women and girls are leaving their homes in western countries to join Islamic fighters in the Middle East, causing increasing concern among counter-terrorism investigators. Girls as young as 14 or 15 are travelling mainly to Syria to marry jihadis, bear their children ... view article.

PCR Interviewed by RIA Novosti

PCR Interviewed by RIA Novosti–Is-An-Excuse-for-Attacking-Syria.html The post PCR Interviewed by RIA Novosti appeared first on ... view article.

If the government had confidence in its 9/11 story, every effort to investigate would not be blocked Sept. 29, 2014 Today We Filed Suit to Reverse the City’s Fraudulent Determination on Our Second Petition Read our filing and letter to Justice Wooten. Dear Supporters, On September 4, 2014 the High-Rise Safety Initiative submitted a second petition containing over 33,000 signatures to override the City Council’s lack of action on our first petition. The second petition secures our place on the November 4th ballot if it contains at least 15,000 valid signatures, assuming we also win the pending lawsuit r ... view article.

German Journalist Reveals That The CIA Has Compromised The Western Media

German journalist reveals in bestseller that Western Media is paid by the CIA to print propaganda instead of the news. There is nothing new about this except the extent. Always there have been media, reporters, and columnists who published false information in order to help the CIA advance undeclared agendas. The difference is that today the CIA’s influence is pervasive. Objective reporting is a thing of the past. The post German Journalist Reveals That The CIA Has Compromi ... view article.

Guest Column by Peter Drew: Cameron Tries to Protect US & UK Governments from the Truth

British PM David Cameron: “Non-Violent Extremists” Including “9/11 Truthers” and “Conspiracy Theorists” are Just as Dangerous as ISIL Terrorists By Peter Drew Global Research, September 29, 2014 Url of this article: Dear Mr Cameron I write this open letter to you in response to your recent speech at the United Nations calling for military ... view article.

US Bombed Wrong Refineries in Syria; Iran Seeks to Stop Oil Price Slide; Sanctions Won’t Impede Arctic Drilling

US Bombed Wrong Refineries in Syria Oil is in the news in many countries in many ways. Let’s take a look starting with a couple of paragraphs buried in the Financial Times report Barack Obama Admits US Underestimated Isis. Allied aircraft on Sunday struck three makeshift oil refineries in an area controlled by Isis in an expansion of attacks intended to damage the militant Islamist group’s financial infrastructure. Oil has proved crucial to financing Isis’s operations, netting several million dollars a day. But the observato ... view article.

Spain Manufacturers Warn of Another Slowdown; Consumption Recovery Ends, Retail Sales Contract, Price Deflation Sets In

The alleged recovery in Spain is already over. Retail sales are down month-over-month and year-over-year in July. August and September are both projected to be weak. Vial translation from El Economista, Manufacturers and Retailers Warn of Another Consumption Slowdown. After a slight recovery in the first months of the year, stagnation set in since June, according to almost all employers and associations of producers and distributors. The retail index INE already pointed to stagnation in June and a drop of 0.5% in July from a year earlier. Alth ... view article.

Bank CEOs are the New Drug Lords

by Bank CEOs are the New Drug Lords Why I Would Work For Pablo Escobar Before I Would Work For Jamie Dimon, by JS Kim Bank CEOs are the New Drug Lords. Here is a list of some of the banks managed by Bank CEOs, aka the new Drug Lords, that were fined billions of dollars for fixing LIBOR rates and stealing money from clients: Lloyds Bank, RP Martin, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Société Générale, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Barclays, United Bank of Switzerland and Rabobank. Here is a list of s ... view article.

Biderman and Kernen discuss how float shrink on top of a slow growth economy has created the widening gap between haves and have nots. Plus Santelli, Liesman & Kernen discuss Biderman’s comments.

The post Biderman and Kernen discuss how float shrink on top of a slow growth economy has created the widening gap between haves and have nots. Plus Santelli, Liesman & Kernen discuss Biderman’s comments. appeared first on Biderman’s Money Blog. ... view article.

Peak Debt—-Why The Keynesian Money Printers Are Done

Bloomberg has a story today on the faltering of Draghi’s latest scheme to levitate Europe’s somnolent socialist economies by means of a new round of monetary juice called TLTRO—–$1.3 trillion in essentially zero cost four-year funding to European banks on the condition that they expand their business loan books. Using anecdotes from Spain, the piece perhaps… ... view article.

The Minsky Moment Cometh: Extend And Pretend Nears Its End

The developed economies are growing old in demographic terms, but we’re still not wise enough to realise that our current model is a Ponzi scheme rushing toward its inevitable Minsky moment. No serious policymaker or central banker is talking about the truth told by simple maths and hoping that things turn out well. Hope is not good policy and it belongs in church, not in the real economy…… ... view article.

The Sick Man Of Europe……Is Europe And Its Statist Policies

These attitudes suggest that the EU could be devolving from a nascent super-state to something that increasingly resembles the Holy Roman Empire, a fragmented landscape of small, unimportant states wrapped in a unitary, but ephemeral crepe. This challenges the view of some Americans, particularly but not only on the left, who see Europe as a role model for the U.S…… ... view article.

The New York Fed In Its Own Words: Hall Pass For Goldman

There is no question that some of the most astute and ambitious individuals on the planet are attracted to the wealth generation which takes place on Wall Street.  On that score, those that stake their claim at the hub for global capital formation are no different than any of us in their thirst to make […] ... view article.

US Bombers At Work: 41 Humvees Destroyed At $250K Each

The United States is spending millions of dollars to destroy U.S. equipment in Iraq and Syria — gear the U.S. gave the Iraqi military that was later captured by ISIS forces. The U.S has hit 41 Humvees since attacks began in August, according to data from United States Central Command. The U.S. is sending $30,000-bombs to eliminate these armored vehicles, which cost about a quarter of a million dollars each ... view article.
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